Tactical  Defensive Knife Seminar

Sifu/Guru Bob Bowen, the founder of Ninkido Warrior Discipline and Head instructor of the Wing Chun Kali System Charlotte Branch, will conduct a Tactical Defensive Knife Seminar located at 4M Fitness.

Sifu Bowen has been a practitioner of martial arts for over 30 years. He holds ranking In Koga Ryu Ninjutsu, Iaido, Diato Ryu Aiki Jujutsu, and is a Guru in the Filipino Martial Arts. He has over 20 years’ experience in Wing Chug Kung Fu, and currently trains under the direction of Sifu/Guru Joe Musse (second generation Ip Man). He has traveled around the country teaching the Wing Chun Kali System and has taught Anti-Rape Self Defense for many years. He has formulated security task teams and was the personal bodyguard for Dr. Patricia A. Tyson in New York.

Curriculum:    Basic Knife Defenses – Defend against standing and ground knife restraints

Saturday June 2, 2018
4M Fitness
2021 Van Buren Ave.
Indian Trail, NC 28179
1:00 pm – 3:30 pm adults only (16+)