Wing Chun Kali System 2019 Annual Seminar 

Sifu Joe Musse is second generation protégé of Ip Man. He trained under Master Duncan Leung, a private student of Ip Man. Bruce Lee was also a student of Ip Man. Master Musse has trained over 40 years in Wing Chun Kung Fu and Filipino Martial Arts. He has traveled domestically and abroad teaching the Wing Chun Kali System. Experience Authentic Wing Chun from the Ip Man Lineage and Filipino Martial Arts with Master Joe Musse. Founder of the Wing Chun Kali System.

July 20, 2019          Wing Chun Kung Fu
        July 21, 2019          Kali (Filipino Martial Arts)

 4M Fitness​
2021 Van Buren Ave.
Indian Trail, NC 28079 

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM​

$75 for one day - $130 for both days

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Call 980-245-0042 for more information